Month: November 2016


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The legal term ‘damages’ is used to describe compensation that a person receives, usually in relation to a loss or injury that they have suffered.

A very common question in relation to damages and compensation is ‘how much will I be able to claim?’

Unfortunately, this can be an incredibly difficult question for even lawyers with many years of experience in the particular area relating to the injury. This is due to the circumstances of every injury being unique.

There are a whole host of factors that contribute to the amount of damages a person may be entitled to. The main one is how serious the injury is. A particularly serious injury may cause life long disabilities. There may be the need for round the clock medical care and the level of damages will usually reflect that.

Damages would likely take into consideration the age of the person when they suffered the injury. Therefore, a young person whose injury caused them to lose 40 years of their future working life would most likely be entitled to an older person who did not have as many years left to work.

Compensation may also reflect the contributory negligence of the person who was injured. If the person was partially to blame for their injury, then they may be entitled to less than they would have been if they were not at fault at all.

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