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International Law

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United-NationsWelcome to the first of our blogs bringing you an explanation of legal terms and legal terminology.

In our first post we will be discussing international law. International law is broad term for different legal institutions and pieces of legislation that operate on an internation scale and apply to more than one country.

The government of a country is responsible for upholding the rule of law and bring in new legislation on a domestic level. International law operates on a multinational level above this and will be enforced in many countries.

The main international organisations are:

The European Union – this is a union of 28 states. The institutions of the European Union will pass laws that must be applied in the member states. These laws vary from trade laws to fisheries policy. The majority of the EU member states are also a member of the Euro monetary union.

United Nations Security Council – this is one of the main institutions of the United Nations. The United Nations Security Council has an important role in international diplomacy and conflict avoidance. The Council has over 100,000 peacekeeping soldiers deployed on missions.

International Court of Justice – this court is based in The Hague and is composed of 15 judges drawn from various legal systems.

European Court of Justice – this is the highest court within the European Union and the court hears many different types of cases. Due to the multi-national nature of the court, the working langauge of the court is French although other official member state languages may be used.