Cricket Betting Odds

Cricket Betting Odds – What Are The Different Types of Odds Available?

Are you searching for the different types of cricket betting odds? If yes, you must grab proper details regarding this query because having proper knowledge about different types of odds is a must. The more you pay attention to the various types of odds on all cricket betting sites, the more it will help you enhance your knowledge regarding the result calculation. In the online sports betting world, calculating results plays a major role, and if you are not aware of the various types of odds, it will be risky for you to connect with online sports betting.

Before connecting with sports betting, try to pay proper attention to the various betting odds so that you can have better results after connecting with them. The people who grab proper details regarding the various types of odds won’t face any problem calculating the actual result they win after placing a bet on a particular sport. The people who don’t know how to calculate the entire results normally face problems like getting involved in major frauds and face huge losses. Before entering the online sports betting world, it would be great to pay attention to the various types of odds for positive outcomes.

Decimal Odds

  • The first and most famous cricket betting odds type that you can connect with is decimal odds, also known as European odds. These odds are the most famous and mostly adopted by people because people find this odd type the simplest one as it helps provide the result in the decimal format. This is mainly famous in various regions of the world such as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • It is very easy to calculate the result by taking help from the decimal odds because they don’t require specific knowledge or query. For example, if the odds of a team are 2.50 and you place $1 as a bet, you will get your bet back plus the base amount multiplied by 2.50, which will help you get the total profit of $3.50. Therefore, once you learn about decimal odds, it will be very beneficial because it will help you get better outcomes.

American Odds

  • Another famous odd type that you will consider for placing a bet is American odds, also known as money line odds. Once you learn about this odd type, you will find that it is mainly famous in the United States and includes two major signs. You need to pay attention to significant signs while connecting with American odds are positive and negative. When you consider calculating the odds, you have to consider both the signs and calculate the result accordingly.
  • If you do not consider the sign, it will lead you to calculate the wrong result, making you face so many problems. Once you understand the entire concept of American odds, then it will be easy for you to calculate your actual result without facing significant queries. However, when you consider connecting with American odds, you have to pay attention to the set of numbers to indicate the exact amount you need to calculate directly.

Fractional Odds

  • When you connect with the online cricket betting world, then another famous betting odds you can connect for calculating the entire result is Fractional odds. You can consider another famous cricket betting odds for placing bets on cricket and calculating the result in fractional format. These odds are also known as UK odds because they are mainly famous in the UK. Usually, people consider connecting with other odd types because the fractional odds are somewhat confusing compared to other betting odds.
  • Most people consider connecting with decimal odds because they find it somewhat easier, and the odds are difficult to calculate compared to decimal odds. However, when it comes to the fractional odds, it will help you know how much profit you can make once you win the bet as per the unit of the bet. For example, if the odds of 6/1 you consider, then it means that you will get six units per unit 1 for placing the bet.

With the information, you can enhance your knowledge about the various aspects related to cricket betting odds. It will help you know the various odds types that you can consider for placing bets on cricket and various other sports. Try to stay focused so that you can grab better outcomes with no doubts or queries involved. Usually, people don’t pay attention to the various aspects related to the online sports betting world. As a result, they face problems dealing with various situations once connected with the online sports betting world. 

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Getting A Refurbished Computer

The quality and unwavering quality of revamped PCs are ensured with the maker. Most PCs aren’t returned in light of the reality that they are deficient. They are really returned on account of either purchaser regret or even the failure on the client determine how to apply it effectively. “refurbished” might evoke not necessarily consoling pictures of retailers and makers restoring imperfect items, many things fit in the “revamped” umbrella. Once in a while, suer returns something for a discount without opening the situation or with the thing by any stretch with the imagination.

There’s nothing amiss by it, however the thing is not sold as new and must be provided as a restored item-frequently in a profound rebate (around 15 to 30 %). Refurbished portable PCs, cellphones, and different hardware are things that have been return to the retailer or maker, and afterward repaired and place back on special with a markdown. Things being what they can be, in the event that you’re occupied with sparing one or two bucks, should it bode well to obtain revamped gadgets? What would or not it’s advisable so that you can keep an eye out for? Also, what are the results if something ends up badly?

Here are some tips using the related point:

Watch out for return policies: Apple provides a 14-day return arrangement for both new and renovated items. Be that as it could, printer producer Epson takes as soon as the last deal approach on renovated models, offering you no sort of response within the off chance that something works out badly.

Search for some time guarantee period: Buying a repaired item that has a strong guarantee is easy, when you know best places to look. Retailers normally present an insignificant 30-day or even a better than the normal 90-day guarantee, yet Apple provides a year-long guarantee. A few outlets, including Amazon, don’t give you a guarantee at all, however rather charge for just a discretionary service agreement on specific items.

Purchase from brands you trust.: Purchasing a revamped portable PC from Best Buy, which sends all renovated things to approved repair professionals, may well be more secure than acquiring the same tablet from the nearby repair center. In case you’re purchasing at a source that is not too known.

At whatever point conceivable, get your refurb straightforwardly from either the producer or perhaps an industrial facility affirmed renovating organization or coming from a vast, respectable. For instance, Amazon has huge amounts of awesome arrangements on repaired PCs.opting to obtain a renovated PC in lieu of another one is staggeringly ecologically cordial.

Obtaining a repaired PC keeps an existing PC beyond a landfill. Alongside this, most sellers will give you to deal with all the transfer in the desktop you’re supplanting (in the event you are supplanting one.

At TechShali, we make an effort to publish more helpful consumer guides to generate their purchasing decisions correct. Through this web site, we presume to reach consumers everywhere accross the planet.

Buy Electric Height Adjustable Desks

Today, technology has made how we live so much easier. So, we often rely on numerous devices for making our routine tasks easier. In this article, we will talk about buying electric height adjustable desks for home studies and commercial offices. We will discuss 9 stuff that you should bear in mind prior to placing your order. Let’s enter the details.

  1. Motor type

First, identify your preferences as these electric desks consist of different types of electric motors. Some have one motor although some have multiple motors. The former uses merely one motor to manage two legs on the desk. On the other hand, dual motor desks enable you to drive each leg on the desk. These can are more reliable and robust.

Since the synchronized motors enable smooth transition, these are a better choice. Therefore, single motor desks are less expensive. The best choice is always to opt to the dual motor products because they offer better safety, stability and load capacity.

  1. Overload and overheat protection

Go for just a desk that accompany overheat and overload protection. The overload protection system stop the motor should the load exceeds the ideal limit. In the absence with the protection system, when you continue to push the table top up, the motors may warm up and eventually burn out.

Similarly, the warmth protection system stops the movement on the system if your motors heat due to excessive stop use. So, the two of these features will extend lifespan of your height adjustable desks.

  1. Anti-Collision and stability

Desks may collide with assorted objects inside a room after we try to move them. However, higher quality electric height adjustable desks feature anti-collision system that retracts the desk when it is about collide with something.

For instance, the desk will move down as opposed to up if the sensors detect a thing that the desk top may collide with. This prevents from damaging your property. So, these desks are necessary for the safety within your workplace.

  1. Power consumption

In a workplace environment, employees must adjust the height of office desks continuously. Therefore, these desks have a standby mode that adjusts the height the second you push the button.

Business users could possibly have concerns in connection with power consumption from the mechanism because from the standby mode. The good news is which a good electric desk is designed in the way that it reduces the energy consumption from 2W just to 0.1W for energy saving. So, ensure that theheight adjustable desks you would like to buy are power savers.

  1. Certification

Since electric products and appliances might be hazardous, it is vital that you get certified electric office desks. The certification notice might be found within the desks dependant on where you make them. For instance, this notice may be CE when you are in Europe.

For authenticity, these desks ought to have cleared the LVD and EMC tests. You can also search for other certifications, like AFRDI, BIFMA, RoHS or Green Guard. These certifications make sure how the product is eco-friendly.

  1. Life expectancy

Electric office desks are durable products, not consumer products. Therefore, they will stand test of time. When buying the desks, be sure that they will last a a minimum of 10,000 cycles (down and up). These desks may be good for possibly 5 or 10 years, that may save you the big bucks. Life expectancy is a vital factor to consider.

  1. Warranty

Home business furniture should feature a warranty. Therefore, the height adjustable desksyou are getting buy should have a minimum 5-year warranty. With time, some parts with the desk, including controller or motors could get damaged. Replacing these parts is usually quite costly should you not have a warranty to pay for the replacement costs. So, using a warranty for the product is wonderful.

  1. Noise

Often, users will not want office desks that will make a lot of noise when they can be raised or lowered. So, make certain you invest in a very product that generates the noise amount of not more than 50 DB. After all, you would not like your employees to disturb 1 another while adjusting their desks.

  1. Preset controls

The preset controller enables you to adjust the desk automatically having a push of a mouse button. This feature is great if your same desk is employed by different employees. This way they don’t should spend a lot of your energy to adjust the desk depending on their height or requirement. This feature is not important in the event the desk will probably be under the use of merely one user.

Advantage and Disadvantage of HTML

What is HTML
Hypertext Markup Language, a standardized system for tagging text files to realize font, colour, graphic, and hyperlink effects on World Wide Web pages.
HTML would be the standard markup language for creating Web pages.
HTML means Hyper Text Markup Language
HTML describes the structure of Web pages using markup
HTML elements would be the building blocks of HTML pages
HTML elements are represented by tags
HTML tags label bits of content for example “heading”, “paragraph”, “table”, and for that reason on
Browsers will not display the HTML tags, but utilize them to render the information of the page

Advantages and Disadvantages of HTML
Easy to use
Loose syntax (although, being too flexible won’t comply with standards)
HTML is simple enough to publish
HTML is that it is straightforward to code.
HTML also allows the utilization of templates, helping to make designing a webpage easy
Very ideal for beginners in web designing field.
Supported on just about every browser, totally browsers.
Widely used; established on nearly all website, if not completely websites.
Very much like XML syntax, which can be increasingly useful for data storage
Free – You need not buy any software
Easy to know & code even for novice programmers

It cannot produce dynamic output alone, as it is often a static language
Sometimes, the structuring of HTML documents is difficult to grasp
Errors will not be free.
The time it takes to select the color scheme of the page as well as create lists, tables and
It can cause only static and plain pages therefore if we need dynamic pages then HTML isn’t useful.
Need to publish lot of code for producing simple webpage.
You ought to keep up with deprecated tags, and be sure not to rely on them Deprecated tags appear because another language that actually works with HTML has replaced an original work with the tag; thus additional language ought to be learned (most on the time, it’s CSS)
Security features supplied by HTML are limited.

What is surely an HTML File?
HTML is often a format that tells a pc how to display a web site page. The documents are plain text files with special “tags” or codes that a web site browser uses to interpret and display information about your computer screen.

HTML means Hyper Text Markup Language
An HTML file can be a text file containing small markup tags
The markup tags tell the Web browser the best way to display the page
An HTML file have to have an htm or HTML file extension

Example Explained
The declaration defines this document being HTML
The element could be the root aspect of an HTML page
The element contains meta specifics of the document
The element specifies a title for your document
The element is the visible page content
The element defines a big heading
The element defines a paragraph


Fitbit, Fun, Forensics, and Foes

Have you tracked your 10,000 steps today? Has anyone else tracked them?

Fitness trackers are big business, helping people get and stay fit, and helping them share their progress with friends – and sometimes with strangers.

Probably the most well-known of these devices (and apps) are the FitBit and apps paired with the Apple Watch, but also include the Moov Now, Samsung Gear Fit, Huawei Band, Tom Tom Spark, and about 350 others. The ability to map your movements is one of the more fun and attractive features about these devices.

FitBit data helps to catch a potential murderer.

Fitness trackers in less light-hearted circumstances can provide evidence in the most serious of cases. At the end of 2015, Richard Dabate told Connecticut law enforcement a tale of a break-in where the robber killed his wife while he was fighting the intruder off. The problem was that subpoenaed records of her FitBit showed her active an hour after the murder was said to have taken place, and that she walked ten times further then what would have taken her into the now-fictional perp’s view. Along with other computer, Facebook, and cellphone evidence, and the fact that Dabate had a pregnant girlfriend he was arrested for the crime. As of this writing, Mr. Dabate is still free on a million dollars bail.

FitBit data helps an innocent man go free

In May of 2016, Nicole Vander Heyder went out on the town in Green Bay, Wisconsin, but never came home. Her bloodied and naked body was found in a farm field nearby. Signs at first pointed to her boyfriend, Doug Detrie, who was arrested but nonetheless seemed shocked at the news and protested his innocence. Detrie was held on a million-dollar bond, but the apparent evidence (blood in the car, in the garage, and a suspicious spot on the sole of his shoe) didn’t hold up (blood in the car wasn’t the victim’s, blood in the garage wasn’t a human’s, and the suspicious spot wasn’t blood) so he was released. Data from Doug’s FitBit showed that he took only about a dozen steps during the time frame in which Nicole died.

DNA evidence from Nicole’s clothes pointed at another man altogether, George Burch. Burch’s Android phone had Google Dashboard data associated with his Gmail account that showed GPS location data leading right to Nicole’s house. Eventually, he was charged, found guilty of first degree murder, and sentenced to life in prison where he still insists he’s innocent.

FitBit data used to try to find a missing person

In July of 2018, Iowa student, Mollie Tibbett went for a jog and hasn’t been seen since. Police have received her FitBit data in an attempt to locate her but haven’t released what they found in that data to the public. It appears that the geolocation information therein wasn’t enough to find her. Additional data from her cell phone and social media accounts has been sifted for clues, but as of August 6, 2018, there are no reports of her being found, although there appear to be people of interest. Hopefully location data from her FitBit will eventually help lead investigators to her current location.

FitBit data banned by the military

You may have heard news stories of late that the Army has expressed concern about military movements and security being compromised by data from fitness trackers and devices like the Apple Watch. A military official was quoted as saying, “The moment a soldier puts on a device that can record high-definition audio and video, take photos, and process and transmit data, it’s very possible for him or her to be tracked or to reveal military secrets… The use of wearables with Internet access, location information, and voice-calling functions should be considered a violation of national security regulations when used by military personnel.” But did you know that this news was from May 2015? And did you know it was a Chinese military official in the Chinese Army newspaper, the Liberation Army Daily?

That’s right, some foreign governments have been banning such devices for years now.

FitBit geolocation data banned by the US Military

In 2013, the DOD distributed 2,500 FitBits to military personnel; in 2015 the Navy planned to run a pilot program to help the enlisted and their superiors keep track of fitness goals, and “allow Army leaders to track their Soldiers’ fitness in real time.”

Aside from military members, Fitbit has a user base of over 10 million people. The information is viewable online, on a mobile device, or through the desktop application. Fitbit logs movement and allows users to log other health information in the app. Fitbit then uses this information to display progress over time.

The manager of a companion app, called Strava, helps to map and display maps of subscribers’ movement using FitBit and other fitness tracking devices. In November 2017, Strava released their Global Heat Map of 3 trillion individual global GPS data points uploaded from the previous two years. Zooming in on the maps, as Australian security student Nathan Ruser did, revealed favored trails used in previously undisclosed bases by military fitness buffs. Heat map trails around and in Mogadishu could have provided potential targets of locations frequented by military personnel for Somalian dissidents.

As one might imagine, the Army on August 7, 2018 banned use of geolocation features in iPhones, Apple Watch, FitBit and other fitness trackers with the following directive: “Effectively immediately, Defense Department personnel are prohibited from using geolocation features and functionality on government and non-government-issued devices, applications, and services while in locations designated as operational areas.” It hasn’t banned the use or possession of the devices altogether.

The (FitBit) Law of Unintended Consequences

There are three types of unintended consequences (according to Wikipedia)

An Unexpected benefit: A positive unexpected benefit – such as an accused murderer going free and shown to be innocent of charges due to his FitBit. Rather than showing the accomplishment of an athletic endeavor it instead showed inaction when the crime would have required much movement, as with Doug Detrie and Nicole Vander Heyder.

An Unexpected drawback: An unexpected detriment occurring in addition to the desired effect of the policy, such as a FitBit showing a purported victim of a crime instead being the perpetrator as with Richard Dabate and his wife.

A Perverse result: A perverse effect contrary to what was originally intended, as when military personnel using a FitBit to keep track of their fitness progress reveal themselves as potential targets to an adversary.

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How to Avoid Being Hacked

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) helps it be much harder for just a hacker to have access to your web stuff, along with the most common way of consumer MFA is two-factor authentication (2FA). A very common type of 2FA may be the debit card. One factor will be the card itself, that contains magnetic identifying info (today, a chip), plus a PIN you provide if you stick finished . in an ATM machine. It’s simple and fairly efficient at keeping others from the ATM-accessible cash. 2FA is vital for internet accounts, including email plus your iCloud accounts.

While I admit it could be a bit of a pain to need to do something additional for getting into your bank account, it is less of a problem than having one’s identity stolen, losing entry to your email, or answering on your friends who wonder the reason why you have said such crazy reasons for them (unless, needless to say, that you said those crazy things!). Or, heaven forfend, someone signing in as you one of your gaming accounts.

Here’s how 2FA or two-step authentication works for just a couple of different internet account types. (Note, these types of services change things up every now and then, so it is good to hold abreast of such changes.)

Setting up Google 2-Step verification

First you signing in with user name and password (we’ll arrive at choosing smart passwords in Part 3) on your Gmail account. There should be an avatar in the circle close to the upper-left hand corner with the window. Maybe it’s a photo people. Click on it and you may see “My Account.” (Incidentally, this changes every handful of years) On the new window that reveals, click “Sign-in & security.” Click on “2-Step Verification,” after that time “Get Started.” Time to penetrate your details again. Enter an unknown number and visit whether you need to receive a text or perhaps a phone call. Then you magically have a text or call with a 6-digit verification code. Type it in and select the possibility to turn on 2-step verification. It’s so easy. Okay, it’s several steps, yet not that hard.

It may be you prefer to collect your Gmail by other app, like Outlook, as opposed to using a browser to visit to the Gmail page to your mail. If so, it could be that once you’ve fired up two-step verification, your Outlook (or some other app) keeps telling you that you just have an incorrect password, although you may know darn well it’s right. This has happened if you ask me. You probably must have Google offer you a specific app password that Google will generate available for you. You’ll need to visit the App passwords page, which in the time this writing will be here.

Select the app you wish it for (if Outlook, you would select “Mail”), then your device you’re using (Google magically presents a list in the devices you make use of with their services). Then select “Generate.” It will teach you a 16-digit number inside a yellow bar in your case to use as the new password to the app (Outlook, eg) on that device (don’t type in the spaces). You can save that password inside your app and you might need that number again sometime soon.


Yahoo! is comparable: sign into your money, navigate to the account security page, simply click “two-step verification,” and toggle the button there to show it on. Select an option for getting a text or even a phone call for verification. Enter the code that comes to your account via text or telephone call. At this point, you could make an app password, like the Google process above to your various apps like Outlook or Apple (iOS) Mail.


Now, let’s build 2FA on the iCloud account. First, you need a passcode set in your iPhone or iPad.

Click around the Settings app. If your device uses iOS 10.3.3, visit your name (or even the name with the account you employ to to stay), that point on “Passwords & Security.” Did I mention this will change as Apple keeps us on our toes by changing everything up once we’ve gotten more comfortable with the previous version? In the newest previous version, you’ll have made itself known yet Settings, and after that time iCloud, then your business, then Password & Security. But I digress…

Now tap “Turn on two-factor authentication.” Be prepared to answer some security questions – which we’ll be discussing inside a future article – and then type in the phone number where you wish to receive the code for 2FA, so when previously, select whether you would like a phone call or maybe a text.


For a Mac, open System Preferences, and select iCloud, and after that “Account Details.” You might have to login making use of your Apple credentials. As above, answer your security questions if this asks, enter in the phone number where you would like to receive calls or texts for verification. Once again, an enchanting robot instantly provides you with the code along with to enter that to the field that awaits the way to go.

Once it’s switched on, you’ll have a message seeking approval if the unknown device or location signs onto your bank account. Note that using a Mac, that notification can sometimes be using a window that may be hidden behind another, so look with the if you will find you’re having troubles with receiving the approval request.

Speaking of troubles, it appears as though a lot of work to have two-factor authentication, but once it’s create, it’s actually not too much of an irritation and will add considerable safety for a accounts, and also considerable barriers to potential hackers. So do it!

Next time, we’ll discuss passwords, passcodes, and las vegas dui attorney shouldn’t submit those fun questionnaires that all of your respective friends send.

Big Data Analytics

Data Science & Cybersecurity – what on earth is big data analytics? Why is machine learning applications essential? Why did InfoSec Professionals require to find out about DS? What to know about “data bots” as being a data science professional? Differences in data science vs machine learning? How to crack cybersecurity jobs with data science advantage?

DS is usually a multi-sided field which utilizes scientific techniques, methods, algorithms, and security practices to extract information and insights.

With aid from DS tools like Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics, businesses is now able to get access to meaningful insights hidden within massive data-sets.

This is the place DS will help create a significant and lasting impact.

DS and cybersecurity, 2 of the most popular career paths, take presctiption a collision course. Very intelligent, seasoned, senior managers usually do not fully understand the significance, or even the complexities, of DS and cybersecurity. “There’s a mad rush from the cyber security solutions space to utilize the terms machine learning, analytics, and DS along with security products. The CERT Data Science and Cybersecurity Symposium highlighted advances in DS, reviewed government use cases, and demonstrated related tools. Applied DS for Cyber Security. In today’s world, we’re also assailed by ever-increasing quantities of data and increasingly sophisticated attacks. The programme is built to build students’ knowledge and develop their expertise in network security, cryptography, DS, and big data analytics. The NACE Center and BHEF conducted research into two skills likely to end up important inside future economy: data analytics and cybersecurity skills. A data scientist can be a professional using a blend of skills in computer science, mathematics and cybersecurity domain expertise. Cyber Security is often a fast-growing field in the ever-interconnected world. Learn why it matters and what data science concerns it. Data science, in conjunction with technologies for example machine learning and artificial intelligence, finds its way into countless security products. Leading experts inside the fields of information science and cybersecurity discussing a selection of topics in connection with the role -DS has in addressing the problems.

The Facebook Breach

Headlines still abound regarding the data breach at Facebook.

Totally distinct from the site hackings where charge card information only agreed to be stolen at major retailers, this company in question, Cambridge Analytica, did possess the right to actually make use of this data.

Unfortunately they used this info without permission plus a manner that had been overtly deceptive to both Facebook users and Facebook itself.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has vowed to generate changes to stop these types of information misuse from happening in the foreseeable future, nevertheless it appears a lot of those tweaks will probably be made internally.

Individual users and businesses still must take their own steps to guarantee their information remains as protected and secure as is possible.

For individuals the method to enhance online protection is reasonably simple. This can consist of leaving sites including Facebook altogether, to avoiding so-called free game and quiz sites what your location is required to provide entry to your information which of your friends.

A separate approach is usually to employ different accounts. One could be taken for usage of important financial sites. A second one among others could provide for social websites pages. Using a various accounts can cause more work, however it adds additional layers and keep an infiltrator from your key data.

Businesses in contrast need a technique that is more comprehensive. While the majority of employ firewalls, access control lists, encryption of accounts, and more to stop a hack, many organisations fail to keep up with the framework which leads to data.

One example is really a company utilizing user accounts with rules that force changes to passwords regularly, but they are lax in changing their infrastructure device credentials for firewalls, routers or switch passwords. In fact, several, never change.

Those employing web data services also needs to alter their passwords. A password or an API key are needed for access them that happen to be created if the application is made, nevertheless is rarely changed. A former staff member to know the API security key for their debit card processing gateway, could access that data whether or not they were will no longer employed during this business.

Things will get even worse. Many large businesses utilize additional firms to assistance with application development. In this scenario, the program is copied to your additional firms’ servers and may even contain the same API keys or username/password combinations that happen to be used in your production application. Since most are hardly ever changed, a disgruntled worker with a third party firm now has usage of all the information they should grab the info.

Additional processes also needs to be taken to avoid a data breach from occurring. These include…

• Identifying all devices included in public access of company data including firewalls, routers, switches, servers, etc. Develop detailed access-control-lists (ACLs) its these devices. Again modify the passwords familiar with access these units frequently, and change them when any member on any ACL within this path leaves this company.

• Identifying all embedded application passwords that access data. These are passwords which are “built” into your applications that access data. Change these passwords frequently. Change them when anybody working on some of these software packages leaves this company.

• When using alternative party companies to help in application development, establish separate vacation credentials and change these frequently.

• If having an API factor to access web services, request a brand new key when persons linked to those web services leave the organization.

• Anticipate that the breach will occur and develop intends to detect preventing it. How do companies force away this? It is really a bit complicated however, not out of reach. Most database systems have auditing built in them, but yet, it’s not used properly or by any means.

An example could well be if a database a data table that contained customer or employee data. As a software developer, one could expect a software to access this data, however, appears to be ad-hoc query was performed that queried a considerable chunk of the data, properly configured database auditing should, at minimum, produce an alert this is happening.

• Utilize change management to master change. Change Management software needs to be installed to produce this quicker to manage and track. Lock down all non-production accounts until a Change Request is active.

• Do not count on internal auditing. When a company audits itself, they typically minimize potential flaws. It is best to employ a 3rd party to audit your security and audit your polices.

Many companies provide auditing services but after a while this writer finds a forensic approach is best suited. Analyzing each and every of the framework, building policies and monitoring them can be a necessity. Yes it is really a pain to vary all the tool and embedded passwords, however it is easier than facing the judge of public opinion every time a data breach occurs.